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Take care of your foot health and appearance with a professional medicure — a safe, hygienic pedicure performed up to medical standards. Linnie Rabjohn, DPM, and her staff of qualified medical professionals at Arlington/Mansfield Foot and Ankle Centers offer pedicures to patients in our Mansfield location. Call today to schedule this foot service in our Mansfield office.

Medicure Q & A

What is a medicure?

A medicure is an alternative to the typical pedicure you get in your average nail salon. The pedicures offered at Mansfield Foot and Ankle Center thoroughly take care of your feet but do so in an environment guaranteed sanitary and cleaned to medical standards. 

Only professional medical staff perform these medicures.

What is included in a medicure?

During a medicure, your technician clips, shapes, and files your toenails. They are especially careful to trim your nails in a way that discourages ingrown toenails. 

Your technician also examines your toenails and feet for any abnormalities that may require podiatric treatment. They also thoroughly clean and exfoliate your feet and smooth out any rough patches on your toenails.

Your medicure also includes a relaxing foot scrub and oil treatment, so your feet feel rejuvenated and pampered. 

What are the benefits of a medicure?

At a medicure, you don’t have to question the cleanliness of the tub, the sterilization of the tools, or the skills of your technician. You’re getting a medical procedure, so you know your feet are taken care of. 

Your medicure is performed by a licensed, qualified professional who knows how to safely remove dead and damaged tissue, work with infections, reduce calluses, and work with people with foot problems, like the elderly or diabetics. 

After your medicure, the skin on your feet will feel smooth and supple. The medicure treatment improves circulation, so your feet and nails will have a healthy glow — even without polish. 

How does a medicure differ from a pedicure?

During a conventional pedicure, you can’t guarantee the sanitation of the nail salon or your nail technician’s experience. At Mansfield Foot and Ankle Center, you know you are getting a quality medical professional in a safe, sanitized setting. 

At a pedicure, your nail technician doesn’t have the skills or training to look at the health of your feet. They can’t diagnose, let alone treat, simple foot problems. 

If you’re ready to experience a medicure, contact our Mansfield location to schedule.