Step Into the New Year With Custom Orthotics

Your feet may be small when compared with the rest of your body, but they have a big job to do. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what’s involved in your line of work, even simple tasks, like standing and holding your body weight or walking, put stress on the sensitive tissues that make up your feet. 

Custom orthotics can ease pain. But there are many other benefits that come with wearing custom orthotics. What’s more? You don’t have to wait until you can’t stand or moving becomes difficult to put orthotics to good use!  

As part of our comprehensive line of services, the experienced board-certified podiatrists at Arlington/Mansfield Foot & Ankle Centers, offer custom orthotics to patients in Arlington and Mansfield, Texas. Keep reading to learn more about custom orthotics and why they might be the right way for you to step into the new year!   

What are custom orthotics?

Chances are you’ve seen over-the-counter (OTC) orthotics in stores and online, but custom orthotics are made from higher-quality materials and offer more effective treatment. In addition, OTC orthotics don’t consider your specific foot mechanics, so if you aren’t careful they can make any foot problems worse. 

Custom orthotics are inserts placed inside your shoes and are custom-designed for your feet. These devices help provide balance and work to more evenly disperse your weight and any pressure on your feet and ankles.

To make certain your custom orthotics work for you, your provider at Arlington/Mansfield Foot & Ankle Centers conducts a physical exam and evaluates your foot health to create a customized treatment plan tailored to meet your foot care needs. 

If custom orthotics are right for you, we use 3D laser technology to create images or a cast of your feet, then adjust the contours of the future orthotic to ensure it supports your foot in the right spots without putting pressure on other parts. 

Why start the year with custom orthotics?

Orthotics can treat existing foot problems, but they can also help prevent a number of foot-related issues. Here’s a closer look at some reasons to step into the new year with custom orthotics:

1. Your feet, ankles, or legs hurt

No matter the reason — arthritis, injury, recovering from surgery, the way you walk, being overweight — if you have pain in your legs, ankles, or feet, custom orthotics could be the solution.  

From the extra support they offer to correcting problems with balance and alignment, wearing custom orthotics can provide tremendous relief from pain. Some painful conditions orthotics can help include:

2. You want discreet support

Some of our patients at Arlington/Mansfield Foot & Ankle Centers could benefit from orthotics but worry about noticeable or unsightly foot support. We understand the powerful impact appearance has on self-esteem. 

Fortunately, most custom orthotics can fit many shoe types, including dress shoes and heels, making it so that no one else will know your foot support is there. And because custom orthotics are removable, you can take them out of your shoes for short periods as you need. 

3. You’re aiming to avoid injury 

If you want to make this new year an injury-free year, the extra support your feet, ankles, knees, and hips enjoy with custom orthotics isn’t just for comfort. It also reduces your risk of injuries, including painful fractures and sprains. Custom orthotics offer a stable surface to support you through the force your feet and legs endure, and they help protect your joints against strains and overextension. 

4. You want to be active

If you’re struggling with pain in your feet or joints, it’s not always easy to keep your New Year’s resolution to move your body more. This is especially true if diabetes has affected your feet. The good news is that custom orthotics alleviate pain and discomfort and offer added support, making it easier for you to stay active and on your feet longer.

5. You want a tailored experience

When your provider at Arlington/Mansfield Foot & Ankle Centers prescribes your custom orthotics, they consider you holistically — your musculoskeletal system, lifestyle factors (like your shoe preference and occupation), physical activity goals, and any underlying health conditions you have.

This means we tailor your custom orthotics just for you with a precision that store-bought orthotics can’t match. No matter how common or complicated your foot conditions, our team works with you to keep your feet comfortable and healthy. 

Learn more about custom orthotics by contacting the team at the Arlington/Mansfield Foot & Ankle Centers office nearest you. You may also request an appointment online now!

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